Hunting and Motorcycle Helmets – An Unlikely Pair

Many individuals will not think of using motorcycle helmets in hunting. As unlikely pair as it may seem, using a motorcycle helmet in the woods actually has its merits. If you are a beginning hunter of wild game or even a seasoned pro, you will find the logic of using a motorcycle helmet to be simply irrefutable.

First and foremost, you have to face the fact that you are in the territory of wild animals as well as diverse plant life. And while trees, shrubs, vines, and other plant life may seem inherently benign, brushes and shrubs can be an excellent hiding place for dangerous animals like snakes and poisonous amphibians. Trees can also pose a threat to one’s safety while in the woods. A dried-up branch can literally give way and fall on your head. Of course, there will be that ominous sound of cracking wood but if your reflexes were not really primed, then you can see yourself pinned to the forest floor. If you are wearing flimsy fabric hunter’s hat, do you think you will not sustain serious injuries if not knock you out cold? Custom motorcycle helmets for hunters can provide you with the protection that you need while hunting for that prized game.

That is just the plant life. You haven’t considered the animals yet. You may be hunting for that prized game like deer and other members of its genus, but you don’t know you yourself is being hunted by Mother Nature’s natural predators. Bears are common in certain parts of the United States that it is not uncommon to have people and bears meeting eye-to-eye in the woods. You may think you can outrun a bear but, despite its weight, it can definitely run faster than you; unless you were Usain Bolt. Once it catches you, it can literally sink its teeth on your head after knocking you off your feet. With a motorcycle helmets, you will have an added layer of extra-tough protection on your head. At the very least, you will still be pretty much conscious so you will still know what you need to do.

You may think that a motorcycle helmet is bulky and will impede your line of sight to your target. While this can be true, there are certain types of motorcycle helmets that allow you to detach some of its parts to afford optimum sighting. You can also use a half-face helmet or even an open-face helmet for this purpose alone. Or, better yet, you can have a motorcycle helmet company to customize a modular motorcycle helmet for you. This should give you the kind of hunting experience that you are looking for.

Customizing helmets can be a fun way to add camouflage to your overall hunting getup. This can greatly improve your chances of getting a lot closer to your target without being seen.

With the protection and added camouflage that custom motorcycle helmets provide, it is easy to understand why a motorcycle helmet is just perfect for hunting.

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